I am a graphic designer and illustrator, based in Belgium.

DESIGN. My interest to design began while making a casette cover of Twin Peaks music using magazine cuts. In 2002 I applied to the Graphic Design departement of Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia and succesfully completed my study 6 years later. Since then I’ve worked there as a part-time teacher of computer graphics. In 2009 i became full-time freelancer. Currently I focus on branding and identity, layouting and print design, but I’m always ready to learn and explore new fields. To be a graphic designer is a way to earn my crust and my everyday brain training. Since most friends and customers are in the HORECA sector, I know how important is to build a good connection with a customer and find together an accurate visualization of their projects. 

ILLUSTRATION. Like chocolate. Addictive and energetic. I love making children illustration. For sure I wouldn’t miss a chance to make illustrated book. I use different styles but feel more excited working with shadows and old paper textures to make images more “touchable”. I do my best to add a pinch of humor as well 🙂